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      Laboratory-grown diamonds, also known as “synthetic diamonds”, are a less expensive alternative to mined diamonds, allowing customers to revel in the opaque beauty of a finely cut stone, at a lower price point. What more could a diamond customer ask for?

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      However, there are quite a few misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds in the buyers market, misconceptions that range from social stigmas to the actual quality and makeup of the diamonds themselves, leaving some buyers a little dismayed at the thought of purchasing a lab-grown stone instead of a mined diamond.

      At Warwick jewelers, we are proud to offer a selection of beautifully crafted lab-grown diamonds, created by New Dawn and Bare Diamonds. We hope that this blog can change some common misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds, and encourage potential buyers to see the many benefits of purchasing one of our beautiful, lab-made stones.

      Here are 4 key things you that you need to know about laboratory grown diamonds:

      Lab-Grown Diamonds are Real Diamonds: 

      A common misconception about lab-grown diamonds is that they are fake diamonds. This is not the case. Lab-grown diamonds are made of 100% carbon, same as mined or traditional diamonds, and are done so by recreating the same environment that mined diamonds undergo within the center of the earth. In a lab, pressure, heat, and carbon are carefully manipulated, rendering lab-grown diamonds virtually identical in chemical and physical composition to mined diamonds.

      Yet another commonly held misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds is that they are the same as Cubic Zirconia. This is also not the case, as synthetic diamonds are made of 100% carbon, whereas cubic zirconia is the crystallite form of zirconium dioxide, quite different than the all carbon makeup of the diamond.

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      Environmentally Conscious:

      Compared to mined diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds can decrease our environmental footprint, allowing customers to revel in the radiant beauty of the diamond, without many of the environmental costs. Many harsh pollutants are avoided in the process of creating laboratory grown diamonds, where lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment, away from the complex natural ecosystems of the Earth.

      Laboratory-grown diamonds are a great step toward lowering our environmental footprints. Both, New Dawn and Bare Diamonds, are proud to offer an environmentally safer alternative.

      Priced Right:

      Lab-grown diamonds are an excellent alternative to mined diamonds, due to their price point and availability. Their market value is 30 to 40 percent less expensive than earth mined diamonds, making them a great alternative to customers who want beautiful and radiant quality diamonds, at a lower price point.

      Identifying Lab Grown Diamonds:

      Lab-grown diamonds are virtually impossible to differentiate from a mined diamond, even to the trained and professional eye. This has led to some dishonesty and misinformation within the diamond marketplace, with some jewelers pricing lab diamonds at higher values similar to that of traditional, mined diamonds.

      At Warwick jewelers, we provide transparency and verification for both, lab-grown and mined diamonds, through every step of the process. New Dawn and Bare diamonds both work tirelessly to ensure complete transparency of their lab-grown stones. New Dawn diamonds even implements a chain of custody for their stones. When you purchase a New Dawn Diamond, you are given a certificate number, a number that you can use to track your newly acquired diamond from the moment of its creation, to the moment of your purchase.

      Warwick Jewelers is proud to offer a wide selection of laboratory grown diamonds. These diamonds are of impeccable quality, indistinguishable from mined diamonds and with a much lower environmental footprint.

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