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      March is a special month because it has not one, but two birthstones linked with it. Find out more about the legends, myths, and meanings behind the Aquamarine and Bloodstone.


      This light blue-green gem is found in many regions including Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Madagascar. With its nautical roots, aqua – meaning water, and marine – meaning sea, it’s no wonder that this gemstone was once used as a symbol of good luck for sailors dealing with stormy seas.Aquamarine

      Aquamarine is said to bring peace and level-headedness to whoever holds it. It’s known to be a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth! Romans believed that if the figure of a frog were carved on an aquamarine, it served to reconcile enemies and make them friends. Another Roman legend states that when the stone is blessed and worn, it joins in love and does great things.  Some historians believe that the aquamarine stone symbolizes lasting love and unity, making it a popular wedding or anniversary gift.

      Aquamarine was the most popular and effective of the “oracle” crystals according to writers in the Middle Ages. When cut as a crystal ball, it was thought to be a superior fortune telling stone. There have been many methods of using this stone described in the ancient literature. One method involved hanging a stone by a thread over a bowl of water, barely touching the surface. The inner edge of the bowl contained the characters of the alphabet. The diviner held the top of the thread and allowed the stone to hit certain letters, which would spell out answers to an important question, sort of like a ouija board. Another method was to cast a crystal into a bowl of pure water and disturbances in the water would reveal messages on the surface of the liquid. The aquamarine’s powers of revelation were also said to help one in search for lost or hidden things.

      It is said that working with the stone improves one’s overall sense of well-being. Some suggest that aquamarine is used to treat people that have a problem with procrastination! It is believed that one who wears aquamarine has a better ability to think clearly and make quick decisions. In addition, it increases one’s access to courage. The stone is known to aid, shield and protect, and also to remind us of love and caring in times of change. It is an excellent stone with which to make changes in your life, holding more true to your inner, spiritual self, and helping yourself remain calm and purified of your own self-polluting behavioral patterns.


      March’s second birthstone, the bloodstone, is known for its rich, dark green and speckled red colors. It is said that the bloodstone was once used to make seals and amulets by the Babylonians. Sometimes referred to as the “martyr stone,” the most widely known legend is that the first bloodstone was formed at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as blood from his wounds spilled on to the dark green earth and turned to stone.  It’s also said that Christ’s blood from a fatal spear thrust dripped onto a Jasper stone lying at the foot of the cross creating the bloodstone. Bloodstone is regarded as a gem of noble sacrifice and can offer courage and solace to all who are called to give of themselves for the good of others. It elicits the highest, most altruistic character of those who wear or carry it.

      Wear or carry Bloodstone as an amulet of protection against threats or bullying, whether verbal or physical and for guidance to withdraw when appropriate and the courage to confront when needed. Sew a small Bloodstone in the coat of a child or teenager who is being bullied. Carry one for strength when adjusting to new circumstances.

      In Reiki, the bloodstone Bloodstone calms and revitalizes the mind, dispels confusion and enhances decision-making.  Assists in adjusting to unaccustomed circumstances. Reduces irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience. Bloodstone stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition. It is also said to increase creativity in cultivating a project from the idea stage through to actualization.

      The stone is also believed to have special healing powers when it comes to blood disorders, which can be represented in the stone’s various accents of red, Found in the riverbeds of Brazil, India, and Australia, this stone’s fascinating coloring, and history are perfect for the unique people in your life!

      With Easter right around the corner, these gemstones are a perfect way to spruce up any look!  Incorporate these stones into a chunky necklace or a delicate ring; with aquamarine’s light and cool colors and the bloodstone’s unique shades of green and red, these contrasting gemstones are fun for any outfit.

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