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      February 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day, is right around the corner.   To some, this day means nothing more than another day on the calendar.  To 7 million others this year, it’s the day they will get engaged.  Yes, you heard us correctly!  It’s estimated that 7 MILLION people will pop the question and begin the journey of wedding planning on Feb 14th, 2018!   Staying on top of the latest in proposal trends is a key way to make this day extra special for the one you love!

      Here is a list of our top trends and ideas in wedding proposals for 2018.

      1. Start with a unique engagement ring!  Vintage style rings are back in!  There is an incredible range of styles to select from in designing a unique ring with a vintage look that will make the love of your life’s personality shine just as bright as the diamond in her ring! With that said, in the past, diamonds were the only “acceptable” stone in an engagement ring. This is not the case anymore!  We are seeing a trend in gemstone and diamond engagement ring combinations that can be designed to truly reflect the personality of the wearer.  The most popular gemstones to use in an engagement ring are Topaz, Emerald, Amethysts, Sapphire and Ruby.  Our design team can help design a ring that is perfect for popping the question on the big day!
      2. Have you heard of the RokShock case for I-phones? Millennial proposals are taking social media by storm with this new phone case that is guaranteed to capture that special “Yes” moment!  Imagine how many likes and shares you would get when posting a video to Instagram that captured the entire proposal moment, including the presentation of the ring???
      3. It’s all in the setting!  It’s Valentine’s Day and that means it’s time to get romantic!  Why not propose at Love Park in Philly, at the City Hall observation deck or in front of the roses at Longwood Gardens?  Is your significant other into outdoor adventure?  How about a hike up Hawk Mountain?  There are so many great places in and around Philly to surprise the love of your life with a proposal! Get Creative!
      4.  Surprise your fiancé with a new pet!  It’s very hard to resist that cute new kitten or puppy wearing a “will you marry me” sign around their neck! Just make sure you have plenty of treats to make sure the prop doesn’t run away before you get a YES! Pinterest has all kinds of pet proposal ideas and more of the latest proposal trends!  Check it out!!The Latest in Proposal Trends Pet Proposal
      5. Keep the excitement going with a proposal surprise party!  Invite all your closest friends for a surprise Valentines party complete with a special Valentines message for your honey to see when you walk in!  Have your family or friends hold up signs or wear tee shirts that spell out “will you marry me”.  This way, all the people that mean the most to you are already there to celebrate the moment!
      6. On the days leading up to February 14, plant Valentine’s Day cards (like the ones you used to give out to classmates in third grade) with sweet messages written inside around the house. Then on Valentine’s Day, present them with a box of chocolates containing, you guessed it, the ring.
      7. Have you heard of Lovebook yet?  What a special way to recap your love story in a keepsake that she will treasure for life! Each book is customized to reflect your feelings and story, including all your special memories, jokes and moments. After she reads it, there is no way she could say no!
      8. Choose a special ring box that not only holds the ring but becomes a precious keepsake that to treasure forever.  There are so many options to choose from- from hand carved boxes, to beautiful velvet cases to geometric glass terrariums. For a wide variety, consider looking on Etsy for a beautiful handmade item to showcase that beautiful ring.
      9. You can never go wrong with a destination proposal.  Wisk your special someone away for a long weekend, spend some quality time together, and have some fun planning your upcoming wedding! Make sure you remember champagne and flowers!

      If you are planning a special proposal this Valentines Day, make sure you stop into Warwick Jewelers.  Our personalized approach to each engagement will take the stress out of the proposal and we guarantee you will present a ring that your fiancé will love for the rest of time.  Visit www.warwickjewlers.com for more information on the latest in proposal trends or Click the Logo Below to learn more about Warwick Jewelers.

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