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      From day trips to the Jersey shore, to week long vacations in the Caribbean, summer is the perfect time for a much-needed getaway. When packing for these trips, it’s important to consider the type of jewelry you are going to be bringing along with you! Too much exposure to the sun, salt water, or sand can damage your jewelry and turn your days of fun in the sun to sadness overseas. So before you hop in that car or plane and head to the beach – remember to keep these tips in mind for the best ways to protect your jewelry and keep your special pieces in tip-top shape:

      Keep your jewelry out of direct sunlight: The sun can bleach certain types of jewelry, such as pearls. With enough exposure to the sun, pearls will even lose their color and crack. Other types of stones such as gemstones can also have their coloring fade and become damaged with enough exposure to the sun.

      Keep your jewelry out of the ocean: We all remember Kim Kardashian’s dramatic tantrum she threw after losing her diamond earring in the ocean. As well as risking dropping your jewelry into the depths of the ocean, salt water can also be extremely damaging to your pieces. Ocean water can erode and tarnish precious metals – resulting in damaged jewelry.Summer Jewelry Care tips

      Don’t leave your jewelry out in the open: It’s important to never take your expensive jewelry off and leave it unattended while you go for a dip in the water. You risk not only having it stolen – but also having it exposed and damaged by the sun. If you’re on vacation, consider locking your jewelry in a safe box in your hotel room, this way you can have some piece of mind that your jewelry is protected while you soak up the sun.

      Take off your jewelry before applying sunscreen: Sunscreen can get clogged in between the cracks and crevices of your jewelry. This lotion will not only create a film on your stones and make the color dull, but it can also tarnish and discolor the metals on your pieces. Always make sure to take off your jewelry before applying sunscreen – to protect not only yourself from sunburn but from damaging your jewelry as well!

      The summer is a great time to catch up on your rest and relaxation. While you are pampering yourself, it is important to remember to pamper your jewelry too. Too much exposure to the sun, or getting sunscreen on your favorite piece of jewelry can tarnish and damage the metals and stones on your favorite pieces.

      Before heading for the open seas, make a trip to Warwick Jewelers. We are here to help you pick out the perfect pieces for your summer getaway to keep you looking trendy and fashionable this season!