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      After trudging through what might have felt like one of the longest winters in a long time, we can finally say that summer is here! Put away those winter coats and snow boots, because it’s time to embrace summer fashion. Summer fashion is always changing, so we’re here to help you keep up with what’s trending this season! Time to put away all those bland, winter pieces and pull out your summer jewelry! Here are a few fun ideas to spruce up your closet and your jewelry this summer:

      Brooches: Light up any room you walk in this season by adding a little bling to your clothes! Brooches are a great way to dress up an outfit. Whether if it’s by adding a brooch to a dress or a sweater, brooches are at the forefront of summer jewelry trends this year.

      Summer Jewelry Brooch

      Bold Colors: That’s right – don’t be afraid to buy those green earrings or those bright orange shorts you’ve had your eyes on. Step out of your comfort zone and trying on something with a bright color. A fun and quirky beauty trend, you’ll outshine the sun this summer by incorporating bold colors into your wardrobe. (Bright colors are also great for reflecting the sun’s heat to keep you cooler on those scorching days!)

      summer jewelry earrings

      Layered Necklaces: Who says you can’t wear more than one necklace at a time? Combining pendants of different styles and shapes can make a plain shirt or sweater more interesting, great for a night out! And don’t be afraid to combine different colors when wearing multiple necklaces! Various colors can make your outfit more eye-catching and shows off your personality!

      Summer Jewelry Necklaces

      Animals: Animal-shaped jewelry is a growing trend this summer. Let your wild side show with an animal-shaped diamond or pendant, great for animal lovers! From butterflies to birds, or even your favorite little critters – animals are a creative and unique summer jewelry trend you should embrace this season!

      Summer Jewelry -Butterfly ring

      Anklets: Sometimes less is more! If you aren’t a fan of having jewelry on your neck or hands in the summer heat, an anklet is a great alternative to add a little bling to your outfits. Perfect for a trip to the beach, anklets are a great accessory to wear with sandals or flats. Add a pearl or diamonds on the chain for a little extra sparkle and shine.

      Summer Jewelry - Anklet

      Summer is a great time for fashion, so don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines and get creative with your wardrobe this season! Jewelry is an integral part of any outfit – it adds personality and shows off your creative style. Let Warwick Jewelers assist you with creating the perfect pieces of jewelry for you this summer. The experts at Warwick are here to help you create pieces you’ll cherish for every season.